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Tuesday, Oct. 27

10:00 a.m. Time to Celebrate! WFH was an emergent success. What’s next for IT?
Joel Lego, Austin Lenz, Wipfli LLP, Eau Claire
With a great experience of a sudden work from home situation, now what is next from an IT perspective? What do you tell your board of directors, how do you open up your infrastructure while keeping them closed to attackers, and how can you retain the positive elements of technology implementations that resulted from COVID-19.
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Thursday, Oct. 29

10:00 a.m. Real Time Payments: What Does This Mean for My Bank
Todd Koehn, Bankers’ Bank
Businesses and Consumers are looking for ways to improve the speed of how they get paid or pay, learn how Real Time Payments can attract, grow and retain customers; gain a better understanding of what a Funding Agent is and how using a Funding Agent is part of an effective RTP strategy.

Friday, Oct. 30

10:00 a.m. Cyber-Insurance: You’re Not as Insured as You Think
John Lande, Dickinson Law, Des Moines
Fraudsters are targeting organizations of all kinds and sizes with the goal of stealing money and confidential information. In many cases, an organization’s only recourse is to seek reimbursement from its insurance company. However, many insureds are surprised to learn their “cyber-insurance” covers less than they thought, or provides no coverage at all.
This presentation will discuss current cyber-insurance issues through the lens of real case studies and address:
• Common policy disputes between insureds and their carriers
•.Types of insurance coverage and limitations of that coverage;
• What to expect when you submit an insurance claim
• Responding to an insurance company that denies coverage.

Tuesday, Nov. 3

10:00 a.m. How to Get Great Results on Your Next IT Audit
Bob Hickok, Eide Bailly
Getting great results on your next IT audit or exam is important. Having confidence in your technology management is equally critical—and the two are directly related. This session will look at technology management best practices, as well as technology best practices specific to the banking industry, to help you manage the critical areas of your institution’s technology and cybersecurity. For more than 20 years, Bob Hickok has served community banks, performing and managing hundreds of IT controls reviews, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and social engineering tests. As both a CPA and an IT technician for 30 years, he combines the skill sets of cybersecurity, auditing, technician and controls testing to provide a unique approach to IT auditing, security testing and consulting.

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